About DarkShibari

I am a photographer, a rope artist, a sadist curious about the possibilities offered by the human body.

I became interested in rope as an extension to the visual universe I had already created in my photography. I began exploring the esthetic side of bondage, but quickly became drawn to the complexity and beauty of rope and the unique experiences and connection that can be created through it. This lead me to delve deeper into the world of bondage and start attending workshops. I have studied under Esinem and Nina Russ, Vinciens, Gorgone, Nawashi Kana, Kazami Ranki and Akira Naka. My photo and video projects were made ever more beutiful and exciting by the incredible models from all over the globe that I have had the privilege to work with: Gorgone, Maya Homerton, Viridian Vixen, Itsuka Hizuki, Bliss, Liricaa, Kitty Rea and Miss Eris.

Fine purveyor of
sadism and depravity

Do you want to be tied and shot?