The Kink Institute

After years of arduous research and numerous attempts at refining the techniques used, the Kink Institute for Non-standard Kinship proudly presents the much-awaited results of our SPANK (Standardized Pressure Application in Normative/Nonarbitrary Kink) experiments.

The experiment was conducted in a controlled environment, using a randomized double-blind technique (both the subject and the designated specialized sadist being blindfolded per the entire duration of the aforementioned experiments). The purpose of this rigorous series of repeated trials was to observe and thoroughly analyze the results of severe impact upon the gluteus muscle of the body. The application of impact was made through a completely random process of picking the closest object at hand and the experiment was observed by our experienced team of researchers, talented voyeurs with years of practical knowledge.

Our hope is that SPANK will bring to light new discoveries regarding the importance of impact play and that it may further spark much needed research in this area. We are open to advising any other teams of researchers on how to duplicate these results in their own laboratories, in public or even at home.

Warning! Please be advised that some of the materials used while performing the experiments are hazardous and should be handled with extreme care, only by skilled experts.